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По умолчанию Ретрик. Основы.

A nice and quick tutorial for newbie paladins out there on how to play your Ret paladin in PvE, with a few PvP tips thrown in for good measure...

PvE Core Talents
First off, you want something like THIS for PvE. Note that there's 1 talent point left over.
The main option is between Acts of Sacrifice and Guardian's Favour, or possibly Eye for an Eye.
Selfless Healer is NOT a DPS increase. It is intended to make healing others a more attractive proposition in PvP and 5-man dungeons, but is still weaker than another Templar's Verdict.
Rebuke and Repentance can make trash and boss abilities much easier to counter: a good player will get them for this reason.

PvP Core Talents
How you spec for PvP depends on your playstyle, as well as your arena or rated BG team.
If you're starting out however, I would recommend something like THIS. Be sure to adapt to your own individual playstyle and environment, however.
With the above talents, you do fairly powerful healing, good damage (although not the maximum possible), and good crowd control. Divine Storm can come in handy for breaking rogues out of stealth; however if you have lots of Haste on your gear, Sanctity of Battle is a better choice.
If you want to use Seal of Righteousness a lot, don't take Seals of Command.

Key Paladin Abilities
Seals: For PvE, Seal of Truth is your main DPS seal. When facing lots of weak enemies, use Seal of Righteousness. When trying to survive being hit or when critically short of mana, use Seal of Insight. Seal of Justice is intended to be the PvP seal, however you may prefer another depending on your playstyle.
Auras: Retribution Aura is our preferred aura, but as a paladin you should be prepared to use any and all auras. If there are any Holy paladins in the group, ask them which aura they're using first, as you shouldn't use the same as them.
Blessings: Blessing of Might is most useful for healers, melee DPS and hunters. Blessing of Kings is useful for all classes, but identical in its effect to Mark of the Wild, a druid spell. Blessing of Might, however, has no direct equivalent - nobody else can bring 10% AND MP5 in a single spell.
Hands: Hand of Freedom is perhaps the most useful Hand spell in PvP. Hand of Salvation is a PvE-only one. Hand of Protection can be used on yourself, but as you have Divine Shield it's best to save it for others. Hand of Sacrifice is useful in both PvP and PvE - in PvP it can be used to get you out of crowd control effects that are removed when you take damage, and in PvE it can help other players survive otherwise fatal damage. Just be careful you don't die to it as well (!). Hand of Reckoning is a taunt.

Basic Single Target Rotation
There are two versions of this, depending on how much Haste you have. With no (or very little) Haste, it's better to use the first model. With lots of haste (33% is the ideal amount), you want to use the second model.
"Finishing Move" means either Inquisition, Templar's Verdict, or Word of Glory. For PvE, you should try to keep Inquisition up 100% of the time, and use Templar's Verdict the rest of the time. For PvP, it depends on the exact situation you're in.
"Filler Spell" means Hammer of Wrath, Exorcism, Judgement, Holy Wrath, and Consecration (IF you have the mana). You want to cast them in this order as well.
Low Haste: Crusader Strike - Filler - Filler - Crusader Strike - Filler - Filler - Crusader Strike - Finishing Move.
High Haste: Crusader Strike - Filler - Crusader Strike - Filler - Crusader Strike - Finishing Move.
Note that this also gets more complex at Level 85. At 85, you want to cast Hammer of Wrath and Exorcism before Templar's Verdict, assuming HoW or Exo are available and that you have Inquisition active.

Basic Multiple Targets Rotation
If you're facing 3 or more targets, use Consecration before Holy Wrath, assuming you have the mana.
If you're facing 5 or more, you want to use Divine Storm instead of Crusader Strike.
Other than that, follow the single target rotation (keeping in mind the point above about Consecration).

Some Good Addons
Naturally, there are a lot more than the ones just on this list. However, they're a good place to start, both for PvP and PvE. Check our forums here for more ideas.
clcInfo: This highly customisable addon lets you track Holy Power, cooldowns, key procs and your rotation very, VERY easily. Rotation tracking works for both Ret & Prot paladins.
Grid: Grid, Healbot, Clique, and addons like these all help you track your fellow party or raid members' health, mana, debuffs and the like. Blizzard have their own version as well, but I'd recommend an addon myself.
Omen: This is used in PvE to easily track how much threat you have against the target. Far superior to Blizzard's threat metre.
Deadly Boss Mods / BigWigs: These are used best in PvE and help track things like enrage timers, boss ability cooldowns, and help ensure you get out of the fire quickly.
OmniCC / CoolDownCount: These give numerical countdowns for all your abilities.

The Good, The Bad, And The Great
"I'm a DPS spec, therefore it's my job to DPS, not to heal."


You're job is to WIN.

You cannot win if the tank dies because you didn't stop DPSing to help heal - or at least cast Lay on Hands.

You cannot win if you decided to attack that warrior rather than keep your flag carrier alive.

You cannot win if you don't interrupt that big spell being cast.

Whether it's PvP or PvE, Blizzard has seen fit to give you a lot of utility to complement your DPS abilities. Hopefully, you won't need to use them: your healers will manage to keep the tank up, or that rogue will interrupt the spell instead of you, and so on. But - and here's the important part - you have those abilities, so if you need to use them, use them! During my guild's successful attempts on Halion 25M hard mode, I did a fair bit of healing on both myself and my tank, even though it meant I was doing less DPS. However, I survived, our tank survived, and we eventually saved the Ruby Sanctum from Deathwing's pawns. Halion was defeated, epics were looted, achievements were earned, and there was much joy on Ventrilo. THAT is what winning is all about.

Перевод инкаминг :)

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Основные ПвЕ таланты:

Во первых - билд строится примерно так. Прошу заметить что один талант не вкачан.
(В основном ПвЕ ретрики берут данный билд жертвуя автодиспелом в 2 очка в "Око за око" - прим.).

Выбор лежит между самоотверженностью, или помощью стража или, возможно, око за око. (Я уже высказал мое мнение - в рейдах Око за око - перспективней.)

Самоотверженный целитель - не дает нам прироста дпс, его применение используется для ПвП или героиков - но тем не менее это хуже чем еще 1 удар вердиктом храмовника.

Покаяние и укор (Не копирую т.к. уберут в 4.0.6 - однако щит на его месте все равно надо будет взять дабы облегчить жизнь хиллеру - прим.) необходимы для контролирования треша или способностей босса - умелый игрок найдет им применение.

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Основные ПвП таланты:

Выбор спека очень сильно зависит от ваших целей - будь то арена или рейт бг.

Если вы новичок в этой области - советую взять такой билд. (Не советую брать бурю и рекомендую взять все тоже око за око - прим.)

Тут идут размышления на свободную тему что лучше и что хуже. Пропущу данные суждения - закрою сессию побегаю 2 недельки по рбг и арене и напишу обьемный гайд с практической точки зрения.

Не нашел хороших видео по ретридину на всм - единственный ретрик кто более-менее понравился по игре - Rashnu - жаль что это только трейлер а не мувик.

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Армори Техсеуса,

:az:, просто, :az:
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